3D Printed Toothbrush Holder


You can download the stl model from

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3D printed trolley key

3D printed pound trolley key fob.

Material: PLA 

Bed temperature: 65c 

Nozel temperature: 180c 

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3D Printed Xmas Tree

Snowy white 3D printed Christmas tree.

Material: PLA

Bed Temperature: 65c

Nozel Temperature: 185c

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My first 3D printing

Finaly my Vector3 printer is ready to print. Today I have printed a bendy fish fossil.

Material: PLA

Bed temperature: 65c

Nozel temperature: 180c

Print Speed: Normal

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Meares-Irlen Syndrome, (also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome or Visual Stress) is the term used to describe a number of symptoms which make reading difficult and often unpleasant. The Oculus application helps people, both adults and children, by adjusting the default Window’s white background colour to a colour which is more pleasant for reading. Word May Different Colours
CustomColourStep1 Oculus is easy to use program with eight predefined colours and a colour picker which will allow you to pick any one of 16 million colours.

Oculus is compatible with the following programs on Windows 7 and Windows 10

  • MicroSoft Word
  • MicroSoft Excel
  • MicroSoft Outlook
  • Notepad
  • Wordpad

Related Links

http://www.colour2c.co.ukThe Dyslexia and Coloured Filter Service works in North Yorkshire Schools assessing pupils for Meares-Irlen Syndrome and prescribing coloured overlays.

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Free Disk Space Inno

To show a label on the Inno wizard page displaying the amount of require disk space. Add the following code section to the installer script.

procedure InitializeWizard;
WizardForm.DiskSpaceLabel.Visible := True; // False to hide

Download installer script FreeDiskSpace.iss

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Check DotNet Framework is installed during Inno Setup

To check that DotNet framework is installed during an Inno install. Add the following code section to the install script.

; Check if dot net is insalled
function FrameworkIsNotInstalled: Boolean;
Result := not RegKeyExists(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\policy\v4.0');

// Install dot net with feedback
procedure InstallFramework;
StatusText: string;
ResultCode: Integer;
StatusText := WizardForm.StatusLabel.Caption;
WizardForm.StatusLabel.Caption := 'Installing .NET framework...';
WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Style := npbstMarquee;
if not Exec(ExpandConstant('{tmp}\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe'), '/q /noreboot', '', SW_SHOW, ewWaitUntilTerminated, ResultCode) then
// you can interact with the user that the installation failed
MsgBox('.NET installation failed with code: ' + IntToStr(ResultCode) + '.',
mbError, MB_OK);
WizardForm.StatusLabel.Caption := StatusText;
WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Style := npbstNormal;

In the files section add the dotnet installer file. Note the flags AfterInstall and Check that will call the functions to check if DotNet is installed and instal if required.

Source: "C:\Example\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe"; DestDir: {tmp}; Flags: deleteafterinstall; AfterInstall: InstallFramework; Check: FrameworkIsNotInstalled

Download the installer script CheckDotNet.iss

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Check if a program exists before installing with Inno

To check if a program exists before installing with Inno add the following code section to the installer script. In this example we will be testing for the file “c:\Example\Test.exe”. If the test.exe file exist a message box showing “Program Already Exists” will be displayed and the installer will terminate.

function IsMyProgramInstalled: boolean;
result := FileExists('C:\Example\Test.exe');

function InitializeSetup: boolean;
result := not IsMyProgramInstalled;
if not result then
MsgBox('Program Already Exists', mbError, MB_OK);

Download the installer script IsMyProgramInstalled.iss

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Create empty folders using Inno

When installing a program using Inno, to create an empty directory you will need to add a dirs section to the installer script.

Name: "{app}\Example1"

Download installer script CreateEmptyDirectories.iss

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