Wood Cells

Analysis of wood cells using halcon.

read_image (Woodcells1, 'C:\\Program Files\\MVTec\\HALCON\\images\\woodcell.png')
X := 20
threshold (Woodcells1, CellBoarder, 0, 120)
get_image_pointer1 (Woodcells1, Pointer, Type, Width, Height)
open_file ('wood_cells.dat', 'output', FileHandle)
for i := 0 to Width-X-1 by 1
    clip_region (CellBoarder, Part, 0, i, Height-1, i+X)
    area_center (Part, Area, Row, Col)
    fwrite_string (FileHandle, i + ' ' + (Area * 100.0 / (X * Height)))
    fnew_line (FileHandle)
close_file (FileHandle)
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