I am often working on a number of various consulting jobs on the side of my full-time job, when time permits, and when I have the resources available that are needed to do so.

I am based out of Macclesfield, England, but have done work for a number of different clients around Manchester, Cheshire, and a number of other locations.

If you are interested in using my consulting services, I have experience and an in-depth understanding of the following programming languages and technologies:

Visual Basic
3DCreate, 3DRealize and 3DVideo from Visual Components

If your programming language or technology is not on the list, chances are I am familiar with it or have the means to learning it in a rapid fashion. I have worked on a number of systems that also require the integration of a number of different technologies.

I have done a fair amount of DES (Discrete Event Simulation) consulting in the past, from indusial robotic and Resource Scheduling, to production optimisation, and simulation of Lean Manufacturing.

If you are interested in using myself as a consultant, please contact me

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